> Sep. 2005 Utah Trip

Liam and an Allosaurus skeleton
Liam and a Brachiosaurus skull
Barosaurus skeleton
Allosaurus skeleton
Liam touching a sauropod leg bone
Liam at a park in Duchesne
Liam in the Western Mining & Railroad Museum, Helper
A double rainbow outside of Vernal
The Gossips
Liam and Melanie by Balanced Rock
Liam the frog (near Pine Tree Arch)
Liam at Pine Tree arch
Liam and Melanie at Sand Dune Arch
Liam playing near passage way to Sand Dune Arch
Lizard in front of Dead Horse Point info center
Liam and Melanie at Dead Horse Point
Liam and Jamie at Dead Horse Point overlook
The three of us in front of Mesa Arch
Liam looking at a pothole near Upheaval Dome overlook
Melanie and Jamie from the Grand View Point
Diplodocus in the lobby of the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park
Landscape Arch
From Courthouse Towers Viewpoint
Park Avenue in Arches National Park
View from Rt 191 on the way to Helper
Window arch in Arches National Park
Ladybug along the Great Salt Lake
Carnavore footprints outside of Moab
View from the path to the Dinosaur prints outside of Moab
View from Grand View Point
Close up of the valley from Grand View Point
A scenic hill on Rt 6 on the way to Provo
Taller view from Dead Horse Point
View from Dead Horse Point
Mesa arch in Canyonlands
Upheaval dome in Canyonlands
A scenic valley overlook in Canyonlands
The view from the side of Mesa arch
View of the red rock around Moab
View of the Mormon temple
View of the Mormon Temple through a tree
View of Park Ave valley
Sauropod footprints off Rt. 191 north of Moab
View from the Great Salt Lake State Marina
A view through the Mesa arch in Canyonlands